Have you ever thought about a unique shirt, skirt, jacket? Something you never found in a store. Or something that you wish to be exclusive to YOU.


   We can build your own outfit just the way you want, with your unique personality and style.


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Are you looking for uniforms for your restaurant’s employees, hotel employees, a shirt for your game team, Halloween, school plays, parties or for your pet? 

Years of experience support the service that D’FifthRose will provide you. All the solution is a simple call.

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If you have a special occasion to attend and you can not find anything when you are shopping, do not waste more time.

With just a call and an appointment with D’FifthRose team, you have the solution.


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The best option for quality tailoring services is D’FifthRose. 
It can go from a simple Pants, Shirt, Dress, Skirt, Suit, Wedding dress, Tuxedo altered, Denim, Leather, Casual, Patches, Laces, Curtains, Pillowcase, Slim Sofa Cover.

We will make sure you look your best at all times. 

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Do you have a specification for your uniform?  Or would you like to add badges, and awards to your uniform? We work with hotels, Army, Navy, hospitals, and church. (Hem, waist, sleeve).

Who better than D’FifthRose team to take care of those important details.

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If you want to reduce one size, fix holes, the hem of your Denim Jeans, we are the real expert, because it will not be possible for you to find the difference between the original particular seam of the Denim Jeans and our seam of the alteration, you will be surprised and very happy.

Do not hesitate to trust us and make us the free consultation.

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We can also customize your curtain, pillowcase, slim sofa cover. Or any personalized work with fabric involved!

 Just call D’FifthRose with all the confidence.


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Extra Services

Sewing service

If you are in need of a sewing service, we are the best option, to add labels, replace labels, tags, hem, buttonholes.

Contact now.

Emergency Services

We can do emergency alteration at an additional charge.

Make an appointment for the same day. 

Taking Measurements

Do you need to know your measurements?

Call us, ask for an appointment and we will gladly assist you.