Welcome to D’FifthRose!

My name is Daisy.
Owner of D’FifthRose 


I am a Peruvian who has always loved fashion and working with clothes.

I started in Peru with my sister for Anna C. Funfter, in 2004. After almost 10 years, I had an opportunity to work in Europe from 2014 to 2015, having the chance to work by the side of DeMeche brand.

I came to Utah to learn English and I fell in love with the place. But I was also full of experience, stories, and ideas to improve the custom clothing market.

I am working in Utah as a tailor since 2015, and I realized that there was a high demand for custom made clothing that nobody was providing. This gave me the great idea to start D’FifthRose.

I can create clothes from scratch, customize existing pieces and improve any clothing. Just give me needles, thread, and a sewing machine, and I can make magic happen!

Clothing is a way to show the world who you are, 


 what a better way to do it by creating your OWN style and design!


 We love and embrace the authentic and unique. 


 if you are ready to get started:


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Kurzes Kleid dress

Unique details made by hand

Schon Dress